Insurance Claim Lawyer

Hurricanes are catastrophic natural disasters, and Southeast Texas has felt the devastating effects many times. In recent years, Hurricanes Ike, Rita, and Humberto have destroyed homes, ruined possessions, and even put families on the streets. The wind and water damage from these hurricanes has had a significant impact on Southeast Texas families and their savings accounts. An insurance claim lawyer to represent you can make your life easier when trying to solve insurance disputes.

Just as the media focuses on disasters in larger cities like New Orleans and New York City, so do insurance companies. Insurance companies have a long history of ignoring or downplaying hurricane claims in Southeast Texas:

  • Refusal to offer a fair settlement
  • Denial of a hurricane claim
  • Underpayment of a hurricane claim
  • Irresponsible claim investigation
  • Retaliation against a homeowner
  • Insurance agent misrepresenting coverage

If an insurance company has wrongfully denied or underpaid your claim, call our insurance claim lawyers today. We have represented hundreds of Southeast Texas families and businesses to fight and get the fair settlement they deserve.

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