Work Injury Lawyer for Industrial Accident Lawyer and Construction Site Lawyer

A large number of Southeast Texans work in industrial settings that carry a high risk of personal injury. Every day, workers who are seriously injured on the job turn to their health insurance and file workers’ compensation claims – without realizing that they can often file personal injury claims. Contractors at refineries, construction sites, ships and water vessels, and drilling rigs have personal injury claims against the negligent premises owners. Contacting a work injury lawyer is an important step in seeking restitution.

Refinery Accidents

Refineries and construction sites are operated by large corporations with large insurance policies in place to cover the predictable risk of serious workplace injuries on their premises. These refinery and workplace injuries are commonly caused by:

  • Industrial explosions and blasts
  • Lack of fall protection
  • Rushed safety inspections and JSA’s
  • Construction site negligence
  • Failure to train and require PPE
  • Dangerous premises conditions

Construction Accident Lawyers and Industrial Accident Lawyers

Our industrial accident lawyers and construction accident lawyers have significant experience representing the families of working men and women who are seriously injured or killed in industrial accidents. Do not be intimidated by the safety department – call us today to confidentially discuss potential personal injury claims.

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